Jerico McCoy For South Carolina House of Representatives District 83

My life is in and around North Augusta, Aiken, and Edgefield Counties. I know that yours is too. We have an opportunity to work together and bring our collective voices to the state legislature, making our community heard when passing state laws and policies.

Even though affordable housing is often out of reach, we all love this community. Unfortunately, the cost of electricity and rent is going up. Healthcare is too costly, and mental healthcare is unavailable in many cases. Our teachers are underpaid, and our schools are underfunded.

We can fix these problems with a representative in Columbia that works for us. Serving with the consent of our community will be an honor. Vote for someone out in our community every day, someone whose child is in our schools.

I want to hear from all of us and take our voice as a community to the state legislature to have OUR say. It will take all of our support, voices, and votes to get it done. Let's work together for our community.

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